What is YEP COIN?

YEP COIN Is a simple word that aims to change as much as possible the daily life of each person.

But how can a simple word do that?

It is by making YEP COIN an integral part of the digital sphere and its multiple uses.

Why do that?

Simply because you will need to be compensated for the effort provided as well as your proposed services.

Everyone can be involved and become an actor of this change, and also this progress.

How to be part of it?

Unfortunately, many people are wasting their virtual currency on things that don’t matter and that have no value.

Those wasted amounts could actually make some people happy somewhere in the world.

How to make those people happy?

Just because those people probably need some amount to make their project happen. They need your small help.

How can I do it?

Example 1

You may have already received images via social networks, from a sick child with a comment to share the publication as much as possible.


The woman is fighting for the life of her son who was born sick, do not leave without sharing and leave a word of faith, DO NOT PLEASE READ 😥💔

Sharing the publication will not solve anything and certainly will not help that person in distress and need!

What can be done to help him?

Send him: 1 $ or more $

What solution is there to send him 1 $ or more?

I do not know any solution, but if there was a solution, depending on the situation of each, 1 $ may be too much.

Why not send him a few cents?

It is not currently possible to send a sum below 0 example: 0.00000001

So I do not do anything and I share knowing that it will not solve his distress?

NO of course, because with YEP COIN it will be possible!

You will be able to send, below of 0 exemple : 0.00000001

Example 2

Are you paid when you post a photo or a video or a simple music on:

  • Instagram?
  • WhatsApp?
  • Twitter?
  • Facebook?
  • VK?
  • Snapchat?
  • Soundcloud?

Youtube, 80 cents for 1,000 views if viewing until the end of the video.

Other social networks

I think we know the answer …

Now, with the YEP COIN solution, it becomes possible !

You can receive YEP COIN from around the world at any time of the day.

What will be the consequences:

This will involve all digital users who wish to receive YEP COIN

  • Youtuber
  • Instagramer
  • Crowdfunding
  • Foundation
  • Association
  • Political party
  • Future Project
  • Fund Request
  • Business
  • You, me and more ..

This will create a large network for the growth and evolution of the YEP COIN

As a reminder bitcoin has started at 0.00000001 and you now know its current price!

The more the involvement, the more craze, the more there will be reward thanks to Staking. (for more details, see Staking section)

We will all be part of the YEP network and unvoluntarily participate in its evolution.

Now if you have read the usual cases concerning MIKE and LINDA you are probably wondering:

How did MIKE and LINDA save money with YEP COIN

As mentioned YEP COIN Aims to be part of everyday uses.

Perfect integration with common uses:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • VK
  • WhatsApp
  • Télégramme
  • Messenger
  • And more…

Technically, YEP COIN does not need to request permissions or an Application Programming Interface (API) from large companies at this time. I obviously wish the cooperation of large companies to integrate YEP COIN in their applications. In the meantime, you can use it !

How is it possible that we not need their API?

Because those companies are the ones that will need the full integration of YEP COIN at a later point in time.

How to be sure?

It’s simple, because it’s up to you to implement it and insert it where you want it.

In all platforms where you want it and when you want it.

This will give an additional reason for each application to be used more and more.

Some people may lose interest in some applications over time.

With the integration of YEP COIN, this opens other doors, other interests and other opportunities.

It’s awesome !

I want to know how?

For now YEP COIN it’s like this:

A simple URL that you can insert anywhere in your publications.

With this URL, you can receive and send YEP COIN to anyone using the YEP network.

Sample transaction demo

YEP COIN transaction: step 1

Sample transaction demo

YEP COIN transaction: step 1

Sample transaction demo

YEP COIN transaction: step 1

Example of ID YEP COIN that you can Test Now :

(Of course the URLs will be Shorter)

https://crypto-demo.herokuapp.com/withdraw/ID YEP COIN


Example Short URL = http://bit.ly/2Bta8uy


As mentioned before, before YEP COIN You can’t receive anything!

Now you will be able to receive some things

and that… change everything from nothing, to something

You do not need to have currency YEP COIN to receive them

Simply register for a login and a wallet to start receiving your first YEP COIN.

What will you loose if inserting this URL will only bring you money?

There will be 2 options to send YEP:

Public and Anonymous

Why send publicly?

It’s Simple, you follow for example youtubers, this youtubers uses the YEP identifier.

One of your idols posted his YEP ID (URL) in his video

This means that he can receive your YEP COIN deposits at any time.

And this youtuber puts on sale in his video a product! Sponsored or not by a brand …

A perfume for: 100 YEP

A youtuber can publish a YEP ID Seller, to sell a product.

Each vendor will be able through his sales portal, t to accept or not anonymous shipments

via the portal, it is possible to consult the identity of the users who made a public sending

He will know exactly who you are and where you live, and of course what you have chosen to buy.

instagram scent

This can also be the case for a product that you want to sell via social networks or not.

Because a simple user can also sell whatever he wants.

YEP COIN no register

The short-term or long-term goal is also to integrate it into online stores, to avoid time-consuming online registrations!

And the registration of the payment card with the risk of piracy

holding credit card

With YEP COIN, in the future websites, you see the personalized YEP identification or not of the brand.

You click on it, you select your product, confirm the sending and it is DONE!

Regarding the anonymous part:

Anonymous submission can be used in 2 categories, users and sellers;

For sellers provided that they allow to receive anonymous shipments.

For various reasons :

Support political campaigns


And various reasons ..

I almost forgot to tell you how MIKE and LINDA managed to get many YEP COIN

MIKE, posted messages of encouragement to friends via Instagram

iphone image

I hope you’ll get out of this situation Steve, this article is for you. if you want to help my friend #YEP ME! : http://bit.ly/2tikiK1

His messages were so touching that he received from many strangers who wanted to help few YEPs!

LINDA posted photos of pastries made by herself on Instagram and Facebook.


Hello everyone, if you want to taste the best cupcake #YEP ME! : http://bit.ly/2teAIU3

Some very interested people wanted to buy some, Linda set the price and sold some of her specialties.

What will be next?

More and more evolutions will follow that! Already thought and will surely please you!

But let’s stay focused on this beginning

The question now is this:

Do you want to be part of this project?

Lets Buy Some YEP COIN!