Staking is a method of earning dividends based on several criteria :

  • Amount of money in your wallet
  • Your wallet must be active

Regarding : Amount of money in your wallet

The more you dispose of in your YEP COIN wallet the greater the amount of dividend will be important

There is no secret formula, but if you have very little YEP COIN you will not risk receiving dividends.

The calculation is based on factors example:

  • Your quantity: 3 422 435 197 billion
  • Quantity of the currently connected network: 206 782 996 583 billion (which evolves)

Your weight is of The weight of the network is of

Estimated time before reward 1 hour

Regarding the point: Your portfolio must be active

What does the term “leave active” mean?

To leave active its portfolio this consists of:

  • Have an active internet connection
  • Let open your wallet
  • Do not turn off your computer (if your wallet is installed in your computer)
  • Do not turn off your mobile phone (if your wallet is installed in your cellphone)

You must leave your wallet enabled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For which reason ?

When you activate your wallet, you become a link in the chain in the YEP network when a transaction occurs.

This transaction needs to be validated by a number of people from the YEP network at any time!

If the transaction goes through your network, you will be automatically solicited and you will receive a portion of the transaction fees.

But should I always watch my wallet?

No, you have nothing to do except leave it active

The solicitation is done automatically and transparently, so do not panic

If you discover this symbol:


In your wallet, this is good news, it means that you have received a reward from a transaction fee.

Staking is not an additional paid option, it is free and can be used at any time.

At this moment the Staking is exclusively for users and sellers, not for the Company.

How Staking Works ?

You must have a quantity of crypto YEP COIN:

yep logo

You must have a Wallet:


You must be connected to the Internet:

internet connection

Operating principle:

When a transaction is made somewhere in the world :

internet connection
internet connection
internet connection
internet connection

Those who validate the transactions are those who are connected to the network (Blockchain) via their wallet:

  • The validations do not require any intervention on your part.
  • This is done in an automatic way is transparent
internet connection

20% of its fees will be distributed to people connected to the network via their wallet

internet connection

Use Case :

Linda has 1000 YEP COIN

She is currently connected to the network (Blockchain) with his wallet

5 peoples are connected, at the same time to the network (Blockchain) of which Linda

Paul – who has 10 YEP COIN it’s connected with are wallet

Marc – who has 100 YEP COIN it’s connected with are wallet

Daylen – who has 1500 YEP COIN she connected with are wallet

Logan – who has 2000 YEP COIN he is connected with are wallet

Linda – who has 1000 YEP COIN she is connected with are wallet

In this case the following figure Logan having 2000 YEP COIN will be more likely to be chosen to validate a transaction.

Linda is in third position

internet connection

In the next case figure, or Logan and Daylen are no longer connected to the network (blockchain) with their wallets

and if Marc and Paul are still connected ( If you are only 5 connected in the network )

internet connection

Linda, in this case would have more chance to get a reward for validating a transaction.

Hence the importance of being most often connected.

Important : More the network grow, the less likely it is that those with small amounts will be selected to validate transactions.