Following exceptional events we are taking exceptional measures that is why the pre-sale will be start from 8th May 2020 exclusively on the exchange FINEXBOX BTC / FINEXBOX USDT/ FINEXBOX DOGE and the store YEP STORE the new website coming very soon….

Joining in the YEP movement can begin with getting an address with one of our wallets. You can download and install one of our full wallets – or you can get a simple web wallet

You can now get YEP COIN from a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange. We are listed on

Pre-Sale Information

The presale of 1 million YEP COIN will start on 8th May 2020 and will last one month. It will be divided into 4 phases during which YEP COIN will be sold at a reduced price. Don't miss this chance to load your YEP wallet with a big discount!

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